NugSmasher Rosin Presses


A range of high-quality and affordable rosin press solutions, The NugSmasher Rosin Press collection is a product of innovative craftsmanship and next-level technology from a fast-growing international company out of Corona, California.

This rosin press collection is composed of six different NugSmasher units ranging from the humble NugSmasher Mini for personal use to the NugSmasher Pro top-of-the-line model for large industrial production. In between are the NugSmasher Original, NugSmasher X, NugSmasher XP, and NugSmasher Touch; each with distinct features to suit your specific rosin-making needs. Whether you are an enthusiast or a budding cannabis business, these plug-n-play machines will guarantee you of chemical-free rosin products in no time.

Carefully hand-crafted, tested multiple times for optimum quality, and backed by unrivaled LIFETIME WARRANTY; the NugSmasher products are one of the best rosin presses for sale in the market.

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NugSmasher Mini

NugSmasher Mini

Designed for production mobility, the NugSmasher Mini has the perfect weight and size to be conveniently transported according to your business needs. Capable of 2 tons of pressure with its 2.5-inch pressing plates, this rosin press is great for processing 3.5 grams of hash or less.

NugSmasher Original

NugSmasher Original "OG"

Nothing beats the original. The first NugSmasher plug n play rosin press, this machine features 12 tons of pressure and two 4X4 inches heated plates, capable of pressing up to 14 grams of cannabis materials.

NugSmasher XNugSmasher X

This NugSmasher offers a simple way to extract quality rosin out of your cannabis material. With its one-touch operation, get a precise automatic-controlled pressure to process up to 14 grams of materials in one go.

NugSmasher XP

NugSmasher XP

Get maximum productivity for your rosin business with NugSmasher XP. Capable of pressing two 14-gram bags at once, it also has 6X4 inches Quad Heated pressing plates and applies 12 tons of manually-controlled pressure for precise rosin extraction.

NugSmasher TouchNugSmasher Touch

A rosin extraction system that features a powerful computer with an interactive touch screen display, the NugSmasher Touch offers the easiest way to process up to two 14-gram bags at one time. Equipped with a precise digital PSI reporting with a surface calculator and an automatic extraction timer.

NugSmasher PRO

NugSmasher PRO

20 tons of manual or pneumatic controlled pressure, 7x10 inch heat plates, and up to ¼ lb extraction capability; the NugSmasher PRO is the ultimate rosin extraction system for medium to large-scale rosin businesses.