The Best Hemp Buckers - Buyer's Guide to the Best Hemp & Cannabis Debudder Bucking Machines

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The Best Hemp Buckers - Buyer's Guide to the Best Hemp & Cannabis Debudder Bucking Machines

Whether you’re growing cannabis or processing hemp, you know that bucking, de-budding, or destemming the flowers from your plants is a laborious but necessary next step during harvest in order to move your product further down production or in order to prime it for selling.

However, thanks to advancements made in commercial bucking solutions, gone are the days where you and an entire crew would have to manually separate each flower from the stem as you manually cut flower by flower stalk by stalk using nothing but a pair of scissors.

This bears the question, what is the best cannabis or hemp bucker available in the market today?

After all, time is money, so the sooner you can de-stem your flowers, the faster you’ll be able to turn over your product and reap the fruits of your hard work.

One can easily mistake that the best cannabis and hemp bucker is the one that can do the most capacity, right? Well, technically it is but the more advancements are made in this space, the more companies are able to refine their manufacturing processes and create new solutions to better serve customers with different needs.


Two types of hemp and cannabis buckers

Nowadays we can find two varieties of hemp and cannabis buckers.

  1. Gentle Cut Buckers
  2. High Capacity Buckers


Gentle Cut Buckers

Gentle Cut Bucker Illustration Example

Gentle Cut Buckers are the kind of buckers that cuts the flowers off the stem as if it were manually cutting the stem using scissors. The cutting action prevents the large crown buds from breaking apart, thus preserving the integrity and entire structure of your buds.


High Capacity Buckers

High Capacity Bucker Illustration

High Capacity Buckers, on the other hand, uses a series of rollers that pulls the stem into the machine using a series of rollers, essentially popping the flowers off the stem.


Which bucker is right for you?

That ultimately depends on your needs and size of your harvest. If you have a boutique-sized operation and place quality and having well-preserved & fully-intact flowers high on your priority, we recommend going with one of the Gentle Cut Bucking machines. However, if you need to process a large amount of material, there’s nothing that can buck more plants per hour than High Capacity bucking machines.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded out the best gentle and high capacity buckers available in the market today. We’ll continue to add and refine to this list as we receive more feedback on different machines.


Best Gentle Cut Buckers

Centurion Pro GC1

To date the only company that came out with a Gentle Cut bucker that cuts the stem off as opposed to popping the flowers off the stem is CenturionPro. 


CenturionPro GC1


The Centurion Pro GC1 Bucker bucks at a rate of 40+ lbs per hour wet and 8lbs per hour dry, making this bucking machine ideal for small to medium-sized operations. Furthermore, the CenturionPro GC1 Bucker is small & compact making it a portable machine that sits nicely on a tabletop. It also features a cleaning system that removes and collects all debris into a vacuum bag, making clean up a breeze.

When the bucking gets tough for larger to commercial-scale operations, we recommend...

Centurion Pro GC3 Bucker


Sharing the same DNA and principle as the GC1, the Centurion Pro GC3 Bucker cuts the flowers off the stem as opposed to popping the flowers off. Only the GC3 Bucker features a triple-work station bucking system, which is essentially having three GC1 buckers bucking side-by-side. Bucking at a rate of 120+ lbs per hour wet, 24 lbs per hour dry, the GC3 bucker does triple what the GC1 can do while still being as gentle as it could on the flower without sacrificing speed and processing efficiency.


Best High Capacity Buckers

CenturionPro HP3 



Centurion Pro HP3

Bucking at a rate of 500+ lbs per hour wet or 100+ lbs per hour dry, the CenturionPro HP3 is the highest capacity bucker available in the market today. It features a triple-work station system which gives it the highest de-budding and fastest processing rate out of any bucker. 


If a triple work station system is too much, also consider...

CenturionPro HP1 


Centurion Pro HP1


The CenturionPro HP1 is a single station bucking system that shares the same winning formula as the HP3 at 1/3 the bucking capacity. Bucking at a rate of 175+ lbs per hour wetor  35+ lbs per hour dry, the CenturionPro HP1 is the ideal solution for those looking for a portable tabletop solution while still needing to process a large amount of material


Triminator Buckmaster Pro 


Triminator BuckMaster Pro Hemp Debudder & Bucking Machine


Fast, intuitive, and efficient are words that describe the Triminator Buckmaster Pro. The Triminator Buckmaster Pro features two operator work stations, allowing it to buck at a rate of 300+ lbs per hour. The Triminator Buckmaster Pro is fully waterproof to allow for easy and frequent cleaning and features an ergonomic height adjustable design, easily adapting to any conveyer or trimmer system for fast and easy processing.

For a single work station bucking system with the same winning features as the Triminator Buckmaster Pro, consider...

Triminator Buckmaster 


Triminator BuckMaster Hemp Debudder & Bucking Machine


The Triminator Buckmaster is a single-station bucking system that bucks up to 150+ lbs per hour. Uncompromised with the same features that put the Triminator Buckmaster Pro on the map as one of the best commercial bucking solutions available, the Triminator Buckmaster is ideal for medium to large-scale operations who want a no-frills bucking solution that's engineered well to last several harvests. 


Trimpro Bucker


Trimpro Bucker Hemp Debudder & Bucking Machine


The Trimpro Bucker is a tabletop bucking solution suited for small-medium scale operations. The Trimpro Bucker features multiple feed holes to accommodate stems of different sizes as it leaves branches completely stripped and flowers separated to be trimmed. 



Whether you're processing cannabis or hemp, buckers and commercial bucking solutions have certainly come a long way whose aim is to provide a fast and easy way of separating the flowers from the stem of your plants to allow for fast and easy processing. 

You won't go wrong with whichever bucking solution you choose from the list above. However, if you have any questions or want to learn more about other bucking solutions available, feel free to contact us and have a chat with our team.

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