Do you know why Gavita remains a formidable industry leader? Because for over 30 years, it focused its efforts on research and development to listen and heed the advice of its stakeholders.

Stakeholders, including growers and those in the academe, have helped shape the products of Gavita into a strong, and cost-efficient series of grow light fixtures.
These consultations have helped Gavita innovate and improve existing fixtures that allowed the brand to continue gaining the trust and confidence of the market.
It is because of these meaningful engagements that Gavita found itself investing in the right areas that developed a series of grow lights, which are now used in different parts of the world.

And as Gavita continues to expand, it commits itself to bringing more efficient lighting solutions to the indoor garden.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned grower, Gavita offers different lighting solutions to improve your harvest. Expect only the best results when you light up your garden with Gavita.