Rosinbomb Rocket Electric Rosin Press

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  • How many tons does this press?

    It can do around 1 to 2 tons of pressure

  • Is this press made / manufactured im the USA?

    Absolutely! The Rosinbomb is built and assembled just around Seattle, WA.

  • What are the press plates made of? Steel or aluminum.

    Great question! The plates are made out of machined aluminum

  • how do you set the temp?

    The temperature is set using the small main screen on the front of the machine. Using the arrow buttons to go higher or lower depending on the desired temperature.

  • What is the warranty for Rosinbomb Rocket Electric Rosin Tech Press, $599?

    The warranty is 5 year for structural parts and 1 year for electric parts

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Amazing machine gets your flavored rosin just have to get the right temp which would be easy if t...

It’s a great machine I enjoy at night make my dabs pre-heat the machine before any press or your yield will be low and it waste of product but I’m really happy I should have got iit 2 years ago I was deciding if nugsmasher or rosineernot other presses I decide with rosin bomb which I look at as well and finally got it and I’m glad I can make my own dab and edibles from left over chips of squashed flower 🙏🏼

Kevin Marks
rocket review

Buying from a site and a pic are not always great, so yes this rocket is made extremely well, and is tinyyyyyyyyyyyy, very tiny, if your looking for a machine to come home to and smash a nug or 2 for you and yours at night , Its great, otherwise dont bother...the plates are small difficult to get your parchment in ,especially the way its configured...The heating and the control panel...welll, i have to say the most confusing, ridiculous setup...If anyone want to buy mine gently used for 375. and you pay shipping...all in all looks great , i feel the yields are terrible...but a great personal dab machine

James Cox
The little engine that could

Exactly, big doins in a little inexpensive package. Don't be fooled by it's size, the big boyz would be jealous of this one. Very very happy with the Rosinbomb Rocket. Again the little engine that could . Thank you Trimleaf for a great experience.

Excellent for CBD

This is excellent for my use of CBD. Just make sure your flower is properly hydrated- not dried out. I’m using 220 degrees Fahrenheit. 30 seconds heat then 2:30 final closing. I use parchment paper only then I freeze for 24 hours then collect. Hope this helps. I’m using 1.5 -2 grams also. Company was easy and pleasant to do business with. I appreciate it!

carlos alfonso
Perfect Press

Great machine good returns, would recommend different micron bags, can’t bottle tech corners.