Humboldt County's Own

For Humboldt County’s Own, a nod of approval isn’t enough for them.

All their products must not just earn a thumbs-up from the testers. The quality must be good enough for testers to say, “I want to buy this product.”

Yes, it must be that exceptional before Humboldt County’s Own releases a product to growers.

For Humboldt County’s Own, when their beta testers, often store owners, say they want these products for themselves, that becomes a testimony to the quality of their nutrients.

With products covering every stage of growth, Humboldt County’s Own uses organic components to produce high-performance additives for your plants.

Whether you grow on Soil or Hydroponics, Humboldt County’s Own has products that work with your preferred system.

Make no mistake with your nutrients; Humboldt County’s Own products are ready to be a part of your growing routine.

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