NugSmasher Original 12 Ton Manual Rosin Tech Press

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NugSmasher Original 12 Ton Manual Rosin Tech Press

The NugSmasher Original is the press that started it all—you can think of the NugSmasher Original is the bigger version of the Mini. It's capable of pressing up to 14 grams of material thanks to the 12 tons of pressure it's able to put out along with the 4" x 4" pressing area that you get 



  • Made out of Solid Structural Steel
  • Large 4″ x 4″ Smash Plates
  • Dual Heating Elements (160W ea)
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Circuit Protection
  • Fast Retract Plate Release
  • Manual Pump Arm
  • Made in America
  • Guaranteed for Life

Product Documents

Manual NugSmasher Original Operating Instructions


Brand NugSmasher
Weight (lb.) 74
Length (in.) 9
Width (in.) 9
Height (in.) 18
UPC 700256929604
ETL Listed No
UL Listed No
Rosin Press Technology Type Manual
Plate Size 4" x 4"
Plate Material Type Aluminum
Temperature Control Digital
Max. Pressure 12 Ton
Pressure Control Manual
Adjustable Tilt Position No
Voltage 120V
Exact Watts 320W


All sales are final. Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty does not cover operator abuse or error.

Pressing Tips

Which Material Should I Use?

Yields range significantly and depends largely on the quality of the materials used.

  • Trim: 3% - 8%
  • Shake: 8% - 15%
  • Flower: 15% - 30%
  • Kief / Dry Sift: 30% - 60%+
  • Bubble Hash / Hash: 30% - 70%+

*Adequate application of pressure is important to achieve optimal yields and these figures are based on averages tests. Results may vary and depend heavily on your material as well as the operator.

Which Micron Bag To Use?

Depending on your material, the proper micron bags are suggested but results will always vary.

For kief, dry sift, hash, and bubble hash, use a 36 micron or 72 micron bag. 

72 micron rosin bags will offer higher yields compared to 36 micron rosin bags, but the 36 micron bags will provide the highest quality product.

For flower, trim, and shake, use a 115 micron or 90 micron bag. 

You will get the highest yield from a 115 micron rosin bag compared with a 90 micron rosin bag, but the 90 micron bags will give you more filtration and slightly higher quality product. 

36 micron - Most filtration available, highest quality output rosin for use with small and finer material

72 micron - High level of filtration, increased yields over 36 micron when pressing smaller and finer material

90 micron - Higher level of filtration for use with flower, trim, and shake rosin pressing

115 micron - Ideal level of filtration and high yielding for use with flower, trim, and shake rosin pressing

What Temperature Is Ideal?

Lower temperatures (200°F- 300°F) = more flavor/terpenes, less yield, end material is more stable (shatter-like consistency)
Higher temperatures (300°F- 350°F) = less flavor/terpenes, more yield, end material is less stable (sap-like consistency)

How Much Pressure Should I Use?

There is no magic number for how much you need to press but most people use the formula of press pounds/plate surface area.

For example:

A 10-ton press = 20,000 lbs. If you have a 3"x5" plate = 15 square inch.

Hence, 20,000/15 = 1,333 PSI

* These numbers serve as a guide only. Results will always vary depending on temperature and material as well the press you choose.

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    Ask a Question


    Ask a Question
    • How much it weight

      The Nugsmasher Original weighs 74 lbs.

    • do the plates heat individually with the capability to set one at a different temp than the other. also, can the one digital display show you the temps for both plates, and how. By toggling between the two or can you set it to display both at one time.... Thanks if you if you can help answer this for me..Drew

      Unfortunately the temp control sets BOTH plates at the same time so they cannot be individually set.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Nugsmasher Og

    Plug and play, ive done 7 smashes so far. Quality built about 3/8" thick steel, they dont rely on the welds to hold the 12 tons of force, they took advantage of the tensile strength of the steel and used joinery like you see in quality furniture. My plates came 99% aligned out of the box, they have a small over bite about 3/16", but has not been a issue for me yet. The plates do separate overnight about 1/2", maybe air in my system but definitely holds the pressure long enough to use. I wish the Nugsmasher Og had a pressure gauge though, I think it would help with getting a more consistent press. Came packaged really well, wrapped up in a box with alot of layers of thick bubble wrap and plastic wrap on its own mini pallet, the labels were very discrete, only had stickers like "fragile" or "team lift" did not say Nugsmasher anywhere. And came with alot of stickers. I really like that its all made start to finish here in America! Over all im happy with my purchase.


    NugSmasher Original 12 Ton Manual Rosin Tech Press

    Great press

    Nothing but great things to say about The Nugsmasher. Gladly make the same decision again to buy it no buyers remorse. Works great needs pressure gage.

    excellent equipment

    arrived very well packaged and in a timely fashion.. impressive results! recomend to any home enthusiests.

    Completely worth the money

    The NugSmasher Original 12 Ton Manual Rosin Tech Press arrived promptly, and was packaged very securely; it had some shipping labels that identified what it was and that was a bit discerning, but we got over it.
    Pressed some flower at the preset temp for about 1minute 45 seconds, and the rosin came out dark. The harder that you are willing to crank the handle down the better, so if you are weak or have arthritis, this might not be the one for you.
    We lowered the temp to 192degrees and pressed super hard for exactly 1 minute 10 seconds and get an entirely different outcome, very sticky and almost clear. We are still working the learning curve of what we want and what we expect.
    We pressed the the remains a second time to yield more, and made butter with the remains after the second pressing. It has paid for itself already.
    We are considering bolting it or mounting it, so it is easier to crank down on it.
    It is this autor's opinion that the pressure (tonnage or PSI) is a very important variable to one's yield. lower the heat the more flavor and essence is retained. Olive oli is cold pressed at 4000 psi, so that should tell you something, but one can only buy what one can afford.
    Overall, you will not be dissappointed; this company is on the up and up. Hope this helps ya'll... peace out and burn one for me! Casey and Carl

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