Grow Film

Creating a greenhouse or grow room is a great space-saving way to cultivate hemp and cannabis at home. But this indoor set-up has its drawback, the high electricity cost of lighting required for the plants to grow. Whether you’re cultivating for recreational purposes or for your small-scale business, you need to find ways to keep this expense at the minimum to achieve greater gains from your farm.

The good news is that grow films exist to help solve this problem. These are reflective materials that catch as much sunlight as possible to keep the artificial lighting requirement low while keeping your plants healthy. Grow films also help distribute light evenly fromLED Grow Lights to stimulate the growth of your cannabis or hemp inside thegrow tents.

Trimleaf partnered with the best brands in the industry to bring you the most efficient grow films available. From Panda Film to ORCA, Sunfilm to Thermal IR Blocker; these brands will provide you the products that will not only give the right amount of light that your plants need, but also eliminate the ‘hot spots’ that can turn your cannabis yellow.

A professional grower or not, you need these grow films to cost-effectively scatter light towards your plants, help lush your whole farm, and make your cannabis or hemp ready for the harvest season.