Sasquash M1 10 Ton Commercial Hydraulic Rosin Press

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Sasquash M1 10 Ton Commercial Hydraulic Rosin Press - Operate via Hand Pump, Electronically, or Pneumatically with an Air compressor

* Bonus 100 Sasquash Squish Bags

The newly redesigned Sasquash M1 is a leader in hydraulic rosin presses. The new lean tech capability allows the M1 to be tilted for rosin to drip down on to a surface for easier collection.

The new compact frame also has an open design for easy access either from the front or back.

Capable of 10 tons of pressure, this compact machine is suited for most pressing kits whether for industrial or personal use.


  • 10ton (10,000psi)
  •  20,000lbs of downward force
  • 110Vac at 50amps
  • 4 x 125watts Heaters (500watts) 
  • 3.5" x 4.5" 6061 Aluminum blocks
  • New Compact Frame 
  • Lean Tech Capabilities
  • Open front and back  
  • Weights 64lbs 
  • UL Certifed Parts Options 
  • FDA Approved Coatings 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
*Optional foot pump requires an air compressor. Sold separately


Sasquash offers a lifetime warranty. This warranty does not cover operator error or abuse. All Sales Final.

Pressing Tips

Which Material Should I Use?

Yields range significantly and depends largely on the quality of the materials used.

  • Trim: 3% - 8%
  • Shake: 8% - 15%
  • Flower: 15% - 30%
  • Kief / Dry Sift: 30% - 60%+
  • Bubble Hash / Hash: 30% - 70%+
*Adequate application of pressure is important to achieve optimal yields and these figures are based on averages tests. Results may vary and depend heavily on your material as well as the operator.

Which Micron Bag To Use?

Depending on your material, the proper micron bags are suggested but results will always vary.

For kief, dry sift, hash, and bubble hash, use a 36 micron or 72 micron bag. 

72 micron rosin bags will offer higher yields compared to 36 micron rosin bags, but the 36 micron bags will provide the highest quality product.

For flower, trim, and shake, use a 115 micron or 90 micron bag. 

You will get the highest yield from a 115 micron rosin bag compared with a 90 micron rosin bag, but the 90 micron bags will give you more filtration and slightly higher quality product. 

36 micron - Most filtration available, highest quality output rosin for use with small and finer material

72 micron - High level of filtration, increased yields over 36 micron when pressing smaller and finer material

90 micron - Higher level of filtration for use with flower, trim, and shake rosin pressing

115 micron - Ideal level of filtration and high yielding for use with flower, trim, and shake rosin pressing

What Temperature Is Ideal?

Lower temperatures (200°F- 300°F) = more flavor/terpenes, less yield, end material is more stable (shatter-like consistency)
Higher temperatures (300°F- 350°F) = less flavor/terpenes, more yield, end material is less stable (sap-like consistency)

How Much Pressure Should I Use?

There is no magic number for how much you need to press but most people use the formula of press pounds/plate surface area.

For example:

A 10-ton press = 20,000 lbs. If you have a 3"x5" plate = 15 square inch.

Hence, 20,000/15 = 1,333 PSI

*These numbers serve as a guide only. Results will always vary depending on temperature and material as well the press you choose.

Shipping and Returns


Free shipping is only within the Lower 48 states and does not apply to certain products. Trimleaf reserves the right to change shipping prices and is subject to change without prior notice.

Order Confirmation:

Immediately after placing an order online, you will receive an email confirming the details of your order. 

Should the item purchased be unavailable, not in stock or have a longer than usual lead time, a member of our team will reach out via phone or e-mail to find a probable solution.

Order Shipment and Tracking

A tracking number will be emailed as soon as your order has been fulfilled and dispatched to the appropriate carrier. 

Delivery updates and any delays will be communicated via email but you can also track your order with the tracking number at

If you did not receive tracking information from us within a reasonable amount of time from the date of your order, feel free to follow up with us by Contacting Us

Damaged Shipment:

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Cancellations & Refunds:

Order cancellations must be received within 24 hours of placing an order.  If your order has shipped, you (the buyer) will also be responsible for the return shipping charges. 

Trimleaf reserves the right to cancel and refund any orders deemed fraudulent without prior notice.

Ask a Question


Ask a Question

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great unit, solid performance. Quality Rosin on our shelves in a matter of hours 👊🏻


Strong structure classy built with strong punch on force for its size . Great for flower and hash concentrations quality in quality out . You definitely get ur bang for your buck with Sasquatch m1 !!

Sasquatch M1 10 ton Commercial press

This is my second press to purchase and use. My first was a less expensive one made in China. It worked great! For an hour! Broke the replacement in 30 minutes. When shopping for a replacement, this M1 was my choice. It has proven to be a workhorse. The larger models offer larger plates that would enable pressing larger amounts per press. I’m pressing 8-12 grams per press. Yield varies from 10% with first press at low temp. Terpy as hell rosin.


The machine rocks...but the distributor Trimleaf leaves vacuums of ineffective business skills, horrendous communicating and confusion

Hi Bonnie, I'm glad that we were able to resolve things. There had been a small miscommunication about the logistics of your order between the manufacturer and ourselves but I'm glad we're able to help you out and fix things for you! Should you need any more help, we're always a phone call away.
Sasquash M1

Very impressed with this press. I've been pressing 14g of bubble with ease. Love it! Best built press I've looked at. #1

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