Cloudponics GroPro Controller Indoor Hydroponics Remote Controller

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Cloudponics GroPro Controller- Remotely monitor and automate your indoor hydroponic grow

The Cloudponics GroBox turns any grow room or tent into a smart one by fully automating your grow with nutrient dosing, pH sensoring and climate control -- all controlled by your smartphone. Simply plug your lights, extraction fan, cooler/heater, humidifier/dehumidifier and hydroponic water pump into the GroPro and it will adjust the climate and water levels for optimal growth. 

The GroPro pumps up to 3 nutrients and pH up & down buffers into your reservoir to keep the EC and pH level within the optimal range at all times. Leave the tedious task of nutrient and pH management in the hands of the GroPro.

Connect the GroPro to your Wi-Fi and access it through your app whenever or wherever you are.

You can use your existing hydroponic system or start from scratch by using for example the General Hydroponics Aeroflo or our patent pending Hydro-Aeroponic system Aero Force One.

Why people love the GroPro:

✓ Easy to use
The Cloudponics GroPro is fully customizable, but you can also use the preset grow recipes. Select the plant or strain you want to grow and the system will take care from seed to harvest. Follow your grow process on the app.

✓ Freedom
You will be able to leave on vacation without worrying about your plants, but you can check on them from your app anywhere in the world. Cloudponics gives you the peace of mind you need.

✓  Peace of mind
Never again make mistakes with your nutrient dosing or keeping the pH in check. Never again worry about how your plants are doing when you’re away. From now on, just have fun growing!


GroPro features

• Ambient control
Monitor air temperature, humidity and light. Control extraction fan to keep temperature and humidity in check.

• Light schedule
Turn lights on and off according to plant stage.

• Nutrient control and watering
Proprietary nutrient control injects nutrients according to plant stage and actual plant behavior. Separate water tanks allow the unit to be self watering with an autonomy of up to 3 weeks.

• pH control
The system maintains pH at ideal levels, at all times

• Autonomy
A large water reservoir allows the system to run for 2-3 weeks without refill. Vacations anyone?

• Drying mode
You can dry your plants inside the GroBox at the end of the growth

• Odor control
To keep your home free of any odor, the GroBox uses a active-carbon filter by Can Filters

Everything controlled at your fingertips 

cloudponics grobox app

• Select plan or strain
A crowd sourced database of plant grow recipes allows you to give your specific plant or strain the ideal conditions for it to thrive.

• Nutrients
You can control the nutrient dosing from the app. Fine tune the amount of up to 3 nutrients on a week by week basis.

• Ambient
Control the climate in your grow tent or room by setting the ideal range for temperature and humidity, as well as controlling the light schedule.

• pH balancing
Set the pH range for optimal nutrient uptake and avoid nutrient lockups.

• Fine tune
We know that no 2 plants are identical, and some strains may require fine-tuning in order to achieve extraordinary results.

• Experiment
Want to create new nutrient recipes for that particular plant or strain? With the GroPro you can start from a known grow program and build over that, or start from scratch. It’s up to you.


What's included:

  • Receptacle for connecting Extraction fan
  • Receptacle for irrigation pump
  • Receptacle for Fresh water pump
  • pH sensor
  • EC sensor
  • Nutrient dosing for 3 nutrients
  • Water temperature sensor
  • Air temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • pH + and - dosing
  • iPhone & Android App Light sensor

    Meet the Aero Force One

    The Aero Force One Hydro-Aeroponic system is custom designed to work with the GroPro. 

    The system is powered by a 400 gpm water pump that keeps the roots in an oxygen rich environment, maximizing nutrient uptake and encouraging roots to grow with vigor. The 15 gallon fresh water reservoir is kept oxygenated with an air pump.

    The EZ-Flush system allows you to flush your nutrient mix by just opening a valve and flushing your reservoir.

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