Known for it’s unique and multi-functional cannabis and hemp harvesting equipment, the Original Resinator prides itself as “Clearly better than the rest” as a proven manufacturer of reliable equipment for businesses since 2011. Based in Sebastopol California, the company is famed for its world-class rosin extraction machines.


2-in-1 Trimmer and Extraction System


Restinator OG and XL


The Resinator rosin collection machines are best-engineered to be all-around workhorses to process your cannabis and hemp plants. The two machines, Resinator OG and Resinator XL, are 2-in-1 systems that function predominantly as a trimmer and extractor.



Bladeless Dry Trimmer 


First, they trim your plant material. These machines have bladeless trimmers that cut wet or dry buds. Unlike other trimmers, the Resinator machines don’t require a change in micron screens when switching from dry to wet trim and vice-versa. You can trim continuously without interruptions.


Resinator Before and After Trimming Results


Kief Extractor 


Then, using a completely solvent-free extraction technique, these Resinators will use liquid CO2 to instantly free the resin glands of your plant material for easy extraction. This method will yield 20% better results than other extraction methods and take out the pure essence of the resin glands, leaving behind the undesirable compounds like anthocyanin, saponins, tannins, chlorophyll, and other pigments. 


These rosin extraction machines can do these tasks fast and efficiently to give you the purestTinctures, Salves, Edibles, Oils, Topicals or Concentrates.Aside from having trimmer and extractor capabilities, these machines can also serve as BUBBLE equipment, a dry sieving tool, and a great tandem to your oil production machine.

They are both plug-n-play machines, which will enable you to work instantly and speed up your harvesting process for higher production. Whatever size your business may be, the Resinator rosin collection machines are the only all-around solution you can buy to improve your profitability.