House & Garden

House & Garden is a highly demanded brand in agriculture and gardening due to its pure, and high performing formulations of plant nutrients.


Backed by its 30-year reputation for aiding high-quality harvests, House & Garden manufactures its products in a zero-waste facility, and enjoyed by medical facilities, universities, farmers and home gardeners in over 30 countries.


House & Garden enjoys the trust of small to large-scale growers due to its commitment to provide pure, powerful, and economical formulations.


As an environmentally-conscious brand, it maintains a zero-waste facility, and continuously works with different stakeholders to meet their demands in plant nutrition. It continues to innovate better solutions for better sustainability.


Whether you are a home gardener or operate a large facility, Home & Garden has an appropriate product for you.


Trimleaf offers you an array of Home & Garden products for your plants. Peruse the collection and check out a product today.

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