COB LED Grow Lights

COB LED grow lights are one of the simpler yet efficient solutions for indoor growing.

In case you did not know, COB LEDs are known to be compact yet deliver better light intensity for your plants.

Since it takes advantage of having more LEDs on board, COBs can pack higher uniformity to deliver consistent lighting for your plants.

Since COBs are concentrated in an area, you can expect denser lighting. Couple it with a reflector, and you can increase the light intensity, especially for the blooming stage.

COBs also consume less heat, because it has fewer components compared to the traditional LED grow lights. COB fixtures often have their thermal sink focused on the circuit board so that you won’t need to need to have external cooling.

And lastly, COBs are more affordable. They cost less than traditional LED grow lights yet have lifespans that are more than thrice the typical grow light.