CMH Grow Lights

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) is the best high-intensity discharge (HID) grow light you can find today. CMH grow lights have the best PAR spectrum while having a slower degradation rate compared to other grow lights. CMH grow lights are also known to have better efficiency than other HID lamps in the market.



Advantages of CMH Grow Lights

  • CMH Grow Lights have a balanced spectrum, that also turns your electricity into many usable lights.

  • CMH grow lights also have a more authentic Color Rendering Index (CRI) that can be close to what the sun renders at 100 CRI.

  • With CMH grow lights, you also get ultraviolet radiation that benefits the growth and development of a plant, which makes them ideal in the early to vegetation stage of growth.


If you are looking to up the ante in the early development of your indoor garden, look no further and check the selection of CMH lights here at Trimleaf.

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