CenturionPro Harvesting Solutions - Hemp & Cannabis Buckers and Bud Trimmers

CenturionPro Harvesting Solutions - Hemp & Cannabis Buckers and Bud Trimmers


One of the world’s leading manufacturer of finest harvesting solutions for the cannabis and industries, CenturionPro offers industrial-grade machines built with high-quality parts and user-friendly designs. From the “gentle cut” buckers to the “high-precision” trimmers, each CenturionPro product is crafted to work as hard as multiple employees for maximum productivity. They are also ultra-accurate and made from food-safe materials to preserve the quality of your products.


The CenturionPro harvesting solutions are also easy-to-use with intuitive designs so you can do more with less manpower. They trimming machines are portable, easy-to-clean, and work in unparalleled efficiency. They will make your harvesting operations less tedious and less labor-intensive, so you can save more business time and money for optimum profitability.


The CenturionPro harvesting machines have some of the most competitive prices and the best warranty coverage you can find in the market. The collection will also guarantee a safe and secure operation at your production facility. Whether you own a large-scale hemp plantation or a modest cannabis garden, there is a CenturionPro harvesting solution that will fit your needs.



    Why Choose CenturionPro?

    • Considered as the industry leader in bud trimming machines and hemp & cannabis buckers.
    • Highest output bud trimmers and buckers available in the market at any price range.
    • Their machines offer immense value pound-for-pound per dollar invested.
    • Available tech support for any questions and post-purchase related help.
    • Industry-leading standard 10-year warranty across all their products.



    Shop CenturionPro Harvest Solutions


    Wet and Dry Bud Trimmers

    Reliable and high-quality trimmers made a CenturionPro a household name among cannabis and hemp businesses around the world. Ranging from a small tabletop trimmer to a record-breaking industrial machine, the CenturionPro trimmers will work at a consistent rate for up to 4 hours straight and give you the output quality similar to hand-trimmed products.

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    Cannabis & Hemp Buckers

    Capable of processing wet or dry material, with single and triple workstation options. CenturionPro’s high performance bucking machines are some of the highest capacity buckers you can buy and indeed, the CenturionPro HP3 triple bucker has the highest bucking rate in the market today. On the other hand, the gentle cut buckers will work to keep your buds fully intact to preserve the appearance of the flower.

    Replacement Parts

    Replacement & preventative maintenance parts to keep your CenturionPro in tip-top condition.