CenturionPro Harvesting Solutions - Hemp & Cannabis Buckers and Bud Trimmers

CenturionPro Harvesting Solutions - Hemp & Cannabis Buckers and Bud Trimmers


CenturionPro offers a variety of hemp & cannabis harvesting machines for every & any size harvest. Whether you operate a small, medium, or commercial-scale operation, CenturionPro offers commercial-grade harvesting solutions that are proven to save you time, money, and provide an ROI that is multiples above your initial investment. 


    Why Choose CenturionPro?

    • Considered as the industry leader in bud trimming machines and hemp & cannabis buckers.
    • Highest output bud trimmers and buckers available in the market at any price range.
    • Their machines offer immense value pound-for-pound per dollar invested.
    • Available tech support for any questions and post-purchase related help.
    • Industry-leading standard 10-year warranty across all their products.


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    Wet and Dry Bud Trimmers

    CenturionPro bud trimming machines are among the sleekest, most well-engineered, and highest output bud trimmers on the market. With cuts that mirror that of hand-trimmed quality, coupled with a standard 10-year warranty, purchasing any Centurion Pro trimmer makes for a strong business case.

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    Cannabis & Hemp Buckers

    CenturionPro hemp & cannabis buckers combine speed & efficiency when it comes to de-stemming flowers from the stalk of each plant while still remaining gentle in order to keep the structure & integrity of the buds fully intact.

    Replacement Parts

    Replacement & preventative maintenance parts to keep your CenturionPro in tip-top condition.