Sasquash Rosin Press Lineup Review: Half Squash, M1, V2.0 and 2.5

Sasquash Rosin Press Lineup Review: Half Squash, M1, V2.0 and 2.5

If you’re into rosin or pressing dabs, chances are you’ve heard of the Sasquash Rosin Press. Started in 2016 by Support The Roots LLC., the Sasquash line has been a popular rosin extraction staple among beginners and professionals alike. Based in Southern California, they have become one of the leading manufacturers of rosin presses in the country.

Despite being relatively new to the cannabis industry, they have gained a loyal following and a customer base that continues to grow due to their high quality machines and great customer service. 

Will you be the next one to own a Sasquash rosin press? Let’s dive into the different models and see which one fits your needs.


The Sasquash Half Squash – Entry Level Expertise

The newest Sasquash rosin press in the line up is the Sasquash Half Squash and is made for the personal user but it's certainly no slouch. The 5 ton press produces 10,000 lbs of downward force so your material gets press evenly and providing great yields.

Able to do up to 7g per press, this personal press offers lean capabilities so you can tilt and collect your rosin on to a surface. The 2.5" x 3.5" plates can fit your standard 2" x 3" bags with ease.

Weighing at only 34 lbs, this press is made to be portable so you can press anywhere conveniently with the hand pump without the need for external accessories like air compressors. For beginners and enthusiasts alike, the Half Squash will take care of the job.


The Sasquash M1 – Basic Just Got Better 


Updated for 2019, the newly designed M1 now has lean tech capabilities enabling the user to let the rosin drip down on to a surface rather than collect it on the plate. The new compact frame also supports a new open back and front design for easy access.

The M1 Rosin Press is the entry level commercial machine offered by Sasquash. This 10 ton press produces 20,000 lbs of downward force to make sure your flowers, kief, or hash will get maximum yield. The M1 can be bought with add-ons such as the hand pump which makes your setup light and portable. However, for more efficient pressing, most people do get the pneumatic foot pump which does require an air compressor to function.

The 3.5” x 4.5” aluminum plates can use the common 2” x 3” or 2” x 4” bags and can do around 15g of material at a time depending on the density. If you’re just starting out or wanting a compact but powerful press, the M1 is a serious contender.


The Sasquash V2.0 – The Original Upgraded

Sasquash V2 Rosin Press

The Sasquash V2 is the advanced rosin press in the lineup. This 15 ton press can produce up to 30,000 lbs of downward force for even greater pressing power not just for rosin. The V2 has been redesigned with the controls integrated into the press for a more seamless and streamlined design.

The V2 can also be bought with the manual hand pump, pneumatic foot pump or the noiseless electric pump which we think is the best option due to the efficiency and ease of use.

With 8.5” x 5” plates, one can easily press double the amount of the M1 by having larger bags or putting two bags while pressing and can hold 30g of material. The V2 is ideal for the advanced consumer or the industry professional needing to press a lot of rosin at any given time. 


The Sasquash 2.5 – Better Just Got Bigger

 Sasquash 2.5 Rosin Press

Due to demand for more power, Sasquash released their biggest press, the 2.5. The 25 ton press can produce up to 50,000 lbs of downward force to press almost anything you can think of. The dual 10” x 5” aluminum plates were manufactured for quantity in mind.

Able to press up to 2 oz, the 2.5 means business. That’s almost 60g of material at a time! The 2.5 is great for industrial extraction as well as businesses who need quality but do not want to sacrifice quality. If you’re serious about pressing, the 2.5 is the machine for you.


The Sasquash Difference

Sasquash rosin presses are not only known for quality but also for their durability. Sure anyone can get a cheap China made press but there’s a difference in getting good old American made presses such as these.

Don’t take our word for it, get yours today and you’ll be convinced that Sasquash is the best.  

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