The Best Automatic Bud Trimmer Buyer's Guide —2018 Edition 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve had a great harvest season and are now ready to reap the benefits of those fully grown buds. No matter how many plants you’re dealing with, be it a few personal plants or a full grown commercialized grow area, it all comes down to processing and trimming those buds.

Before we get into the bud trimmers, let's go through the different things you'd want to consider before buying one and asking yourself if this is right for you.

How Do You Trim?

Of course, there's always a debate between hand trimmed or machine trimmed but if you aren’t sure about either one, let’s take a step back and compare both methods as shown here in Part 1 and Part 2.

Some people are purists and stick to hand trimming which is absolutely fine but for such a growing industry, more and more people are growing, processing, and trimming their own harvest. Frankly, that takes time and not a lot of people can simply afford to hire a team of hand trimmers.

With that being said, here's our own interactive bud trimmer ROI Calculator that lets you calculate how much you potentially save by trimming with a machine!

Wet Or Dry?

Those numbers from our calculator sure are enticing right? At this point, you're probably telling yourself these machines are worth the investment. Now, the question is do I trim wet or dry? Is one better than the other? Which machine can do what I want?

The answer comes down to your personal preference and both methods produce great buds. In addition, some of our top machines can trim both with the convenience of tumblers that you can simply swap out but we'll discuss those machines in depth later.

If you aren't sure how you want to trim yet, take a look at our Bud Trimming Guide which explains why we trim in the first place and also compare wet and dry methods.

Which Trimmer Is Best?

Now there's no shortage of bud trimmer options in the market today. The industry is ripe with manufacturers which produce top quality machines that suit every need. It all comes down to what works best for your trimming needs.

CenturionPro Trimmers



CenturionPro has been making a name for itself with extremely powerful and capable trimmers no matter how much you plan to trim. Ranging from the All-New 2017 Tabletop Pro to the commercial grade dual tumbler Gladiator, these trimmers deliver uncompromising power and quality. CenturionPro trimmers can either be used for either wet or dry trimming by taking advantage of the interchangeable tumblers.

That's right, you can have one machine to trim either wet or dry depending on your needs! Each CenturionPro trimmer comes with a dust collector and hopper for a complete trimming setup.

Pictured above is the complete CenturionPro Mini set showing the included hopper and dust collector. Truly a great value!

The ALL-NEW Tabletop Pro is the most portable and compact CenturionPro Trimmer

EZTRIM Trimmers



One of the original trimmer brands, the guys at EZTRIM definitely know their stuff. The Satellite and Satellite SL can both trim Wet and Dry without needing to purchase replacement parts!

The Satellite SL is a smaller version of the Satellite and lacks the side tables and speakers but is still as powerful as the original. These trimmers are made to run quieter than the competition and perform fast while triple filtering your by-product for processing.

These machines can truly do it all and are made in the USA.

The Satellite is EZTRIM's top of the line trimmer featuring side tables for prep and speakers!

Triminator Trimmers



When one mentions Dry Trimmers, Triminator is usually the first one that comes to mind. Winner of the 2016 High Times Award for Best Industrial Dry Trimmers, both the Triminator Dry and Mini Dry leave the rest of the competition behind.

Made in Northern California, these trimmers are made specifically for dry trimming and requires no additional lubricants. The long drum maximizes the cutting surface so you get a tight bud every time.

The pivot system of the Dry Trimmer lets you seamlessly load your buds so you can keep processing continuously while the portable Mini Dry is the smallest automated dry bud trimmer in the market! Add the optional kief kit to make some hash!

For those looking for the ultimate wet trimmer, the self-cleaning Triminator Wet Industrial System offers the largest drum in the market for maximum yields!

The Triminator Mini Dry is the award winning portable dry trimmer and is considered to be the best in market. 

The Award Winning Triminator Dry's pivot design ensures constant loads and is the leader in both speed and quality!

Trimpro Trimmers



One of the original manufacturers of bud trimmers, Trimpro offers a wide range of Wet trimmers in their lineup with their original branch/grate workstation design. Ranging from small manual trimmers such as the Unplugged all the way to the commercial grade heavy duty Automatik XL.

However among average producers, the Rotor remains the most popular option. Pictured below is the rotor with the workstation bundle to catch all your trimmings and help keep a clean setup.

Trimpro Rotor and Workstation 

Twister Trimmer

If production is your main purpose then look no further than Twister! These trimmers can trim either Wet or Dry using interchangeable and precision cut tumblers.

Ranging from the All-New compact and portable T6, the mid-tier T4 and the top of the line T2, there is a machine that fits everyone's trimming needs.

However, what sets Twister apart is the ability of their trimmers to connect. You can connect up to three T4s and process up to 26lbs/hr of trimming or two T2s together for up to 25lbs/hr!

These trimmers trim fast, precise and require minimal maintenance while offering best in class yield and trim quality.

The ALL-NEW Twister T6 is the new leading portable wet or dry bud trimmer. Just look at that sleek design!

Connect up to 3 Twister T4s to get up to 26lbs/hr!

Which Trimmer Is for YOU?

With all the great brands and features mentioned, choosing the trimmer that suits your needs is all that's left. All these trimmers will eventually pay for themselves and the amount of time you save will be well worth the investment.

Ready to start trimming? Check out all of our popular trimmers here

In case you still can't decide which machine to get, drop us a line or contact us and we're more than happy to help choose what's best for you!