Best Bud Trimmers of 2017 - A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Automatic Bud Trimmers in the Market

Which Trimming Method Is Right For You?

It's 2017 and with more progressive views in the recent years, this industry is ever growing and poised to have a great impact on economic growth in the upcoming years ahead. That being said, several states have already implemented laws legalizing either medical or recreational use which means there will be a significant increase in the amount of cultivation required to keep up with the demand.

As the industry is searching for a standard approach, there are those who swear by hand-trimming as it has been the tried and tested way of doing things. However, with the recent advances in technology and product demand, more and more people are looking towards automated bud trimmers to save both time and money.

To say which is better would be up to the you, the cultivator. There are many factors to determine whether hand-trimmed or machine-trimmed flowers would be better such as harvest time, employees, amount of harvest and much more.

To make things easier, here’s our ROI calculator to better understand your needs: ROI Calculator

But for those who that time is money, here are our top brands for your next or perhaps your first automatic bud trimmer this 2017.

Best Bud Trimmers

Choosing the best bud trimmer can be difficult if you’ve never owned one before but we carry the top brands to make sure you get the best results for any budget.

CenturionPro Trimmers

CenturionPro has a full lineup of trimmers from the compact Mini all the way to the industrial Gladiator. These trimmers are made for producers who demand a high yield without compromising quality. Able to produce anywhere from 5-25 lbs/hr depending on your model choice, these machines can fully replace a team of up to 40 hand-trimmers while exponentially increasing your daily harvest!

CenturionPro Mini - FREE SHIPPINGThe CenturionPro Mini

Whether you trim wet or dry, all CenturionPro trimmers can have replaceable tumblers so you can have one machine for every trim style. Not to mention, their patented Quantanium tumblers feature non-stick coating to prevent sticking so you get great quality across the board.

CenturionPro Gladiator - FREE SHIPPING  The CenturionPro Gladiator

Triminator Trimmers

Voted 2016 Best Dry Trimmers by High Times Magazine, the Triminator dry trimmers definitely live up to the award. Built in Northern California, both the Mini Dry and the Dry trimmers can produce anywhere from 2-7 lbs/hr of dry material catering to both consumers and producers alike. With their streamlined construction, these new tumbler-style trimmers are very easy to clean and also stow away especially the Mini Dry which is small enough to bring everywhere.

Triminator Mini Dry - FREE SHIPPINGThe Triminator Mini Dry

For those looking to trim on a more commercial scale, the Triminator Wet System can produce up to 200 lbs a day! This wet trimmer offers very precise cuts and features a self cleaning system so rest assured your investment takes care of itself.

Triminator Wet Industrial System - FREE SHIPPINGThe Triminator Wet Industrial System 

Trimpro Trimmers

What sets Trimpro apart from other brands is their huge lineup and their original branch/grate workstation design. Featuring different models for every type of trimmer, Trimpro offers the small and hand operated Unplugged all the way to the commercial grade Automatik XL. However among average producers, the Rotor remains the most popular option.

Trimpro Rotor - FREE SHIPPING

Trimpro Rotor

Offering different options provides cultivators with the flexibility to work in various environments. These wet trimmers are easy to clean and feature the original branch/grate design that has made them reliable and easy to work with.

Twister Trimmers

In terms of a full work force, Twister definitely takes production seriously. Both the T2 and T4 trimmers can be linked to additional machines to exponentially increase your production. This unique feature sets them apart from any trimmer brand in the market. Both trimmers can be ordered in either wet or dry configurations in the form of exchangeable tumblers.

The T2 is the flagship trimmer able to produce 10-15 lbs/hr and linking an additional T2 easily double the production for maximum output. The T2 features self-sharpening blades so maintenance is next to nothing and features a mobile construction so it is easy to move around the work environment.

 The Twister T2

The T4 is Twister’s smaller machine but make no mistake there is no lack in performance. A single T4 can produce 4-6 lbs/hr but you can connect up to four T4’s together for even greater yields. Like the T2, this trimmer is also easy to clean and requires very minimum maintenance.

The Twister T4