What Is The Best Rosin Press? A Look Into The Best Rosin Press for Personal and Commercial Applications — Updated for 2018

Rosin extraction is safe and easy for both home and commercial growers because it doesn’t require any solvents with which to extract cannabinoids, nor does it require extensive safety measures like some other extraction methods do. But for rosin extraction to be most efficient – and produce the highest yield – professionally designed rosin presses are ideal. Today, rosin presses can be found in almost any shape, size, form, and capacity. Here are some of our favorite rosin presses for both commercial and personal use.

As outlined in our Rosin Press Buying Guide, the best rosin press will depend on your needs, so consider these questions when purchasing a rosin press:

  • Is it for personal or commercial use?
  • How many hours a day/week do you intend on using the rosin press?
  • How much material will you need to press each time?
  • How important is space or portability to you?
  • How does the environment around you look like? Are you in an environment that can tolerate noise for several hours during the day? (This question is specifically for pneumatic presses) 

Best Personal Rosin Press 


Rosinbomb Rocket

rosinbomb rocket

Why we like it:

This portable rosin press is the future of personal rosin extraction. Weighing in at only 13 pounds, the Rosinbomb Rocket can deliver more than 1500 pounds of pressure to its 2.8” X 3.2” plates. The electric design requires no additional components and only a standard 110V wall outlet to operate. The Rosinbomb M50 is a larger version of the RosinBomb Rocket providing the same great design in a much larger size – perfect for both home and commercial use.


NugSmasher Original Manual Rosin Press

NugSmasher Manual Rosin Tech Press

Why we like it:

Perfect for home use, the Nugsmasher can deliver up to 12 tons of pressure with its manual pump arm. The 3.5” X 4” plates are temperature controlled and retract quickly allowing you to gather the rosin quickly while it’s still easy to work with. Its lifetime warranty guarantees many years of easy rosin pressing. The Nugsmasher Mini features the same great design in a smaller size (and at a smaller price, too!).


CannaClamp Handheld Rosin Press

Why we like it:

The CannaClamp is the reinvented version of the rosin press' humble beginnings, the hair straightener. Only, it solves 2 of the major drawbacks the hair straightener had: heat and pressure. The CannaClamp comes with heated plates that can be heated up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the CannaClamp is rated to evenly distribute up to 600 lbs of pressure, giving it the ability to squish between 1-2 grams of material with ease.


AZ Press Co Complete Rosin Press Starter Kit 

Why we like it:

This kit is great for both beginners and experienced extractors who are interested in building their own press. The plates in the Rosin Press Kit measure 5” X 5” and are compatible with most standard 10- to 20-ton presses. The low cost, ease of use (essentially plug & play), and tremendous value this kit offer make this a no-brainer for us to recommend.


Best Commercial Rosin Press 

Triminator TRP Rosin Press 


Why we like it:

Designed to produce the most terpene-rich rosin in the least amount of time, the Triminator TRP features the largest plates out there at, 6” X 10” surface, homogenous heating platforms for even heating, temperature precision technology, up to 25 tons (50,000lbs) of force and much more. Another model in the TRP lineup is the TRP Stack which features an additional plate allowing you to press twice as much each time, and a unique pivot design allowing the rosin to drip directly onto a cool surface.

Sasquash M1 Hydraulic Press

sasquash m1 hydraulic press

Why we like it:

The Sasquash M1 Hydraulic Press can churn out rosin all day. It offers variable heat settings and can deliver up to 20,000 pounds of downward force allowing users to adjust their preferences as they see fit. The digital display makes it easy to track important information and the optional foot compressor can increase efficiency. If you need a higher capacity press, the Sasquash also has the Sasquash V2, which has 30,000lbs of downward force, and the Sasquash 2.5, which has 50,000lbs of downward force. Furthermore, Sasquash also offers a lifetime warranty on all their presses. You heard it right, lifetime warranty!

Pure Pressure Pikes Peak V2 Pneumatic Rosin Press

pikes peak v2 rosin press

Why we like it:

The Pikes Peak V2 Rosin Press is one of the most durable, innovative, user-friendly presses available today.Updated for 2017, the Pikes Peak Rosin Press comes with all-new touchscreen controls.The fully-enclosed pneumatic system means there is very little risk of contaminants from oils and other debris, and two sets of legs allow for operation both vertically and horizontally helping to accommodate space restrictions. The system features 10” X 2” (or 3”) plates, temperature controls of up to 300 degrees, and fully customized software. 

SHO Industries Precision Hydraulic Rosin Tech Press

sho industries hydraulic rosin tech press

Why we like it:

The Precision Hydraulic Rosin Tech Press by SHO Industries is an industrial rosin press with a smart design. The press features 10” X 4” plates and temperature control settings of up to 300 degrees. The digital output will allow you to track the pressure put on the product – up to 21.5 tons – and its unique angled plates allow the freshly pressed product to drip effortlessly onto a tray to preserve its terpene profile. Updates are available via USB.


Rosin’s popularity is quickly catching on as a high-quality, solvent-less, dabbable cannabis extract. It delivers a potent dose of cannabinoids through the lungs when inhaled via vaporizer or dab rig while providing pure, terpene-rich flavor and powerful effects. Now, thanks to advancements in the industry, rosin can be made at home or on a commercial scale easily and efficiently with high quality rosin presses.