All Electric? The Rosinbomb M50 Review

Aug 12, 2017 0 Comments
All Electric? The Rosinbomb M50 Review

All Electric? The Rosinbomb M50 Super Single Review

The Rise Of Rosin

With rosin production on the rise, more and more people are moving towards solventless extracts and away from current derivatives such as BHO. For one, rosin is safer than solvent-based extraction due to the lack of chemical additives. All you need is heat and pressure to extract the oils from your cannabis and it can be made into all of the same desirable consistencies that solvent-based concentrates can, such as shatter, budder, sugar, sap, and wax, often at a fraction of the cost and safer at the same time.

Given the popularity of rosin, there are a variety of rosin press machines ranging from low end manual presses to high end fully automated industrial and commercial grade presses. Unfortunately there are also quite a lot of low quality rosin machines that have flooded the market. Their popularity is due mainly to their low cost and the general lack of education around which factors matter into making a superior rosin press and the complexity of engineering a simple press that everyone can use.

Introducing The Rosinbomb

However, there is one company that’s been making waves within the rosin community by introducing an all electric rosin press machine. The guys over at Rosinbomb, based in Seattle, WA, are relatively new to the cannabis industry but have been making high quality machinery for decades and just recently they’ve engineered an exceptional press that’s both easy to use and operate.

Rosinbomb M50 All Electric Rosin Press

Why All-Electric?

The current model in the Rosinbomb lineup is called the M50. It weighs a mere 35 lbs and is portable enough to be carried inside a backpack. Since it’s an all-electric design and engineering, there’s no need for compressors, pumps or any other external attachments needed for it to run. This solution offers a quieter pressing experience and it’s great for beginners just getting into dabs or even the industry professional looking for a personal press. The M50 simply plugs in to an outlet and it’s ready to use once the plates have been set to your desired temperature.

Dual Heated Plates

Some rosin press machines only offer a single heated plate which may affect the yield and quality of your material. The M50 offers dual heated 3” x 5” plates which is a great size and fits many industry standard rosin bags. A 3” x 5” plate can approximately hold 15-20g depending on the type of material you’re pressing. Having dual plates ensures that you get even heating on both sides of your material across a flat surface area ensuring maximum yield.

Rosinbomb M50 Dual Heated Plates

5000+ lbs of Pressure

A common misconception about pressing, especially for beginners, is that you need 10-tons, 20-tons or even 50-tons of pressure as some of the bigger and bulkier machines claim to produce. That actually isn’t the case and based on the M50’s engineering and a lot of trial and error, the more extreme pressures you apply actually decrease the quality of the rosin due to extra material being pressed and mixed with the rosin. Basically the guys over at Rosinbomb have found the 5000+ lbs of force is enough to produce great yield of high quality rosin. But don’t take out word for it, here’s some results below.

Rosinbomb Sample Yields

The Rosinbomb Difference

With all the available presses being mostly hydraulic, pneumatic, and even manual, a lot of these rosin presses usually come from the same design or are produced overseas in China much like a lot of things these days. However, the M50 is assembled in the United States and we believe the sleek, all-electric design and simple controls and usage make it the future of rosin pressing. To put it simply, the Rosinbomb is the Tesla of rosin press machines.