NugSmasher Rosin Press Review: A Comprehensive Review of the NugSmasher Mini, Original, X, XP, and Pro

NugSmasher Rosin Press Review: A Comprehensive Review of the NugSmasher Mini, Original, X, XP, and Pro

Making its waves within the extraction community is a manufacturing company nested in Corona, California best known for their line of rosin presses that caters to the needs of both personal and commercial users, NugSmasher. 

Look around on YouTube, forums, and on social media and you'll see why NugSmasher is highly regarded in the community despite being somewhat new to the game. They're definitely a crowd favorite known for being affordable, well put together, and very easy to use— In short, all the workings of a good rosin press. 

All of the machines can be manually operated to achieve the optimal pressure and are also constructed with solid steel and T6 6061 aluminum. Oh, I also shouldn't forget to mention about the sweet lifetime warranty that they have on all their rosin presses. That's right, lifetime warranty, baby!


NugSmasher Rosin Press Lineup Reviewed

Whether you're someone who's just starting out who just graduated from using a hair straightener, or someone who intends to press rosin for production and commercial purposes, there's a right rosin press within the NugSmasher lineup for the job. 

Without further ado, let's dive into their lineup:


NugSmasher Mini Rosin Press

NugSmasher Mini 2 Ton Rosin Press


The NugSmasher Mini is the entry point of the NugSmasher lineup. It's low-cost, extremely powerful and packs a big punch (2 tons of pressure to be exact). Because of the small size and footprint, it's great for travel and makes a great counter-top unit that doubles as a conversation starter when you have your friends over. The Mini is operated manually through a hand crank and offers either a 2.5" round heated plates or 2.5” x 2.5” square pressing area which can accommodate up to 5g of material with ease.


NugSmasher Original Rosin Press


NugSmasher Original

The original and the press that started it all—you can think of the NugSmasher Original is the bigger version of the Mini. There are two main differences between the two units: the Original has 6x the pressure the Mini can do, 12 tons to be exact. Along with that, the Original features a 4" x 4" pressing area, allowing you to press up to 20g of material at a time. 



NugSmasher X

NugSmasher X

The newest addition to the NugSmasher lineup is the NugSmasher X. This NugSmasher offers a simple way to extract quality rosin out of your cannabis material. With its easy to use one-touch operation, get a precise automatic-controlled pressure to process up to 14 grams of materials in one go thanks to its 4" x 4" plates. 

NugSmasher XP

Nugsmasher XP

Going up a notch further, we have the NugSmasher XP—XP being short for eXPert's choice. The NugSmasher XP boasts a larger 4” x 6” dual heated plates and it also features a hydraulic pressure gauge along with the capability of putting down 12 tons of pressure. Through its bigger plates and 12-tons of pressure, pressing up to 1 oz should be a piece of cake for this hulk of a machine.

NugSmasher PRO

NugSmasher Pro 20 Ton Pneumatic Rosin Tech Press

Last but not the least, we've got the NugSmasher Pro. The NugSmasher Pro is ideal for those who want a workhorse of a rosin press and those who demand the most out of their rosin presses—the question is, will you be able to keep up with it?  The NugSmasher Pro features one of the largest plate sizes in the industry at 7" x 10". An engineering feat in itself, you can choose to squish pneumatically using an air compressor or manually using the hand-operated jack. It features 20 Tons of pressure which should allow you to squeeze over 100 grams or so without any problems at all. 


The NugSmasher Difference

It's easy to see how NugSmasher received its claim-to-fame. They're an ingenious company that continues to innovate and push the boundaries with every product that they come to the market with. Each NugSmasher comes with an unmatched lifetime warranty on every component of the system and we're very proud to be witnesses of their rise to their position in the market today.

Shop the NugSmasher lineup today!

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