One of the leading methods used in making Bubble Hash today for commercial and private purposes is through the use of a freeze dryer.

Continue reading this article as we discuss 5 Reasons Why Freeze Dryers Make the Best Bubble Hash

5 Reasons Why Freeze Dryers Make the Best Bubble Hash

Freeze Drying Makes The Process Simple as 1-2-3

Using the old techniques makes the hash drying process quite intensive; usually, it takes 5 to 8 days for a batch of hashish to be fully dry under a regulated environment and some ideal conditions. However, a good freeze dryer can process a batch of hashish in less than 24 hours and requires less monitoring.

Better Product in All Aspects

Using traditional methods, hash is typically left in the open which stimulates the natural oxidation process and negatively impacts the taste, color, and quality of the hash. However, Freeze Dryers make use of sublimation which makes the end product much better product leaving you with hashes that have better taste, color, aroma and an extended shelf.

Increased Quality

Freeze dryers are game changers. With them, you can easily decrease dry and processing time from days to hours while preserving the terpene and trichome profile of the hash. In addition, the clarity in the freeze-dried bubble hash is noticeable when compared to air-dried bubble hash.

Preserves Terpenes

The primary aim of making bubble hash is to ensure that the trichomes are removed without damage; these trichomes are glands that grow in flower, leave or stem of the marijuana plant. Freeze Dryers ensures that these trichomes are removed without damage while preserving the cannabis terpenes.

Extended Shelf Life

Finally, Freeze Dryers offers so many benefits to people who want to make bubble hash for private and commercial purposes. It dramatically increases the clarity and consistency of the bubble hash and leaves you with a product that has better taste, color, aroma and an extended shelf life.

In order to make the highest quality bubble hash, the right equipment must be used. Fortunately, we here at Trimleaf only carry the best freeze dryers manufactured in the USA by Harvest Right.

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